Best soprano saxophones 2017

There have been many musical instruments with different playing techniques and the best sound qualities. All these have different sounds to be played and various new features embodied in them. Saxophones have been some of the most famous among these. Many professionals tend to find for the best soprano sax to make their performance the best one. These have been some antique musical instruments which have been the favorite among many people. There have been many changes in these models for saxophones to enhance the quality of service and effects they provide.  This content is basically to throw light on some best models of soprano saxophones.

Best soprano saxophones for advanced/professional players


Selmer SSS280R La Voix II

Selmer La Voix II is known to be the best professional solution with the perfect features within a reasonable price. He sounds great and responds even better. This model, SSS280R is capturing great interest from the new artists and performers and he is the perfect options to meet the requirements of the present trends in music. This horn provides with perfect embouchure and air stream development. It is composed of professional string tensions, best key works, and traditional bell flare along with the capability of High G# sound production.

Therefore this can be the best choice and the perfect soprano sax for the present time’s requirements. Including the Selmer USA mouthpieces, these are the perfect solutions for best performances in a very easy way.

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Yamaha YSS-475II

This sax is also among some of the most famous saxophones available today. The Yamaha YSS-475II is known to represent the perfect professional qualities that are the best for the artists. These models are based on the Custom Saxes and are known to represent similar features to them. These consist with perfect intonation, response, and playability. This soprano also features the High F# sound, adjustable thumb rests and advanced body taper. These are some of the best qualities of this model.
Laser engraving and lower vent tube are also some special features in this, but the perfect response and sound quality are known to be unbeatable. Thus this can be termed as some of the best soprano saxophones. So why not make your performance best with this amazing instrument.

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Yanagisawa Model S-901

This model of the saxophone was designed anciently by a Japanese family. There have been many upgrades in the old features of this unusual instrument. There are many great features in this model which are helpful to make a performance perfect and precise. That makes this model of saxophone ideal for the classical and jazz musicians. There are many attractive qualities which make them best among all the available choices. This model is the one with standard specifications and the best for professional uses.
Due to the traditional features taking a new form these can produce the best sound quality and the perfect way of playing it. Therefore these can be considered as the best soprano saxophone.

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Like the many other saxophones available, this one is also a good option for professionals. YSS-875EX  is considered as the best for those performers who want a high range of quality in their performance. It has been designed by the greatest artists around the world and composed of excellent material. This makes them the best among all others. This soprano sax is the best for the high-level performances because of the amazing sound effects produced by it. This consists of extremely comfortable key work and which makes it easy to handle.

This saxophone can make your performance the better. Therefore it is the best option to have this with you and express all your talents in your best performances.

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Selmer Paris Series II Model 51

This is one of the most famous soprano sax available with the best features. These are among the most elegant designs in saxophones. The Selmer Paris Series II Model 51 has many amazing features which are the best for the professional performances. This is the sweetest sounding professional soprano sax which will be the greatest addition to your talent. The full ribbed construction and the best airflow qualities are the ones who make it the best. This is done with a perfect sleek design which makes it the most attractive model out of all. This is the most natural choice for any artist who wants the professional performance to be the best.




The Changes Brought in

There have been many upgraded features in the new models in case of the key works, airflow and many others. These changes have known to be the best in comparison to the traditional ones. Therefore, these are considered as the best decisions in the field of development of these instruments.

Why Choose the Best

Every artist wants to give the best performance. This is possible when you use the best resources and the best professional soprano sax. Therefore you need to select the best quality instruments to practice and implement your training in the best way.  With the best features, you will be able to represent your talents in a better form. With the upgraded features of these instruments, you will be able to perform in the best manner. The best soprano sax will intensify your talent and also its presentation. Therefore you will be able to become the better performer and experience the great features of these instruments.