There are many flute brands, some old and some new, but not all of them offer the same quality which is very important when buying the instrument.

Having a flute made by a famous and old brand always gives you quality because they have a huge experience of making these woodwind instruments.

Of course, you can find good quality instruments from unknown brands but when a well-respected brand stands behind them, it’s a guarantee of quality.

What’s The Best Flute Brand?

Here are some of the best flute brands that make high-quality and great-sounding woodwind instruments.

1. Yamaha

yamaha logo

Yamaha is a well-known brand in the music industry that manufactures a myriad range of musical instruments. It’s a Japanese company founded in 1887 that creates very high-quality products.

They make different types of flutes and their quality is superb. Not only that, this company has a wide range of instruments in its collection such as brass, woodwind, drums, guitars, and more. My favorite Yamaha flute is the 800W series which is a handmade wooden flute.

Some artists who are known for using Yamaha flutes are Iwona Glinka, Barnaby Robson, Catarina Rebelo, David Campbell, and others.

2. Azumi

azumi logo

Azumi is one of the best flute brands and an interesting one because they make only flutes. They design flutes for beginners and professionals and offer them in different price ranges.

They make different types of flutes and all of their instruments are very high quality. Azumi flutes are used by everyone – students, professors, and professional flute players.

This brand is known to produce flutes with a good balance between quality, performance, and price.

3. Jupiter

jupiter logo

Jupiter, a distinguished Flute brand headquartered in Taiwan, operates under the umbrella of KHS Musical Instruments Co. LTD. Renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship, Jupiter instruments are held in high regard by professional musicians worldwide.

I have played on a couple of Jupiter flutes and they are really great-sounding instruments. Their collection includes different flutes like alto, bass, and contrabass flutes. Also, they make other types of woodwind, brass, and marching band instruments.

People who use flutes by Jupiter are Seungho Yun, Tom Tapscott, and many other artists, professors, and orchestra players.

4. Pearl

pearl flute logo

Pearl may be known for manufacturing world-class drums, but also they are one of the best flute brands. Pearl Flutes was established in 1968 and since then has become a respected brand among flute players.

You can find any type of flute in their collection and this brand offers a wide range of models of flutes. The unique thing about Pearl Flutes is their Pinless Mechanism, which was developed in 1972 and was a new improvement in flutes.

Flutes made by Pearl are used by many flutists such as Kevin Carberry, Elizabeth Walker, Rachel Smith, Thomas Kapun, etc.

5. Selmer

selmer logo

Selmer is a brand that makes really good woodwind and brass instruments. It started a long time ago in Paris when Henri Selmer made reeds and mouthpieces. Now, Selmer is a big company and people really like their flutes

Selmer flutes range from beginner to professional and they offer them at different prices. Their student or intermediate models are huge and you can choose any you like. I owned a 1030S model, which is a student open-hole flute and it was really great.

Selmer makes great flutes and their instruments are used by many players such as Paul Scea, Linda Cykert, Hal Melia, and others.


Here are the most famous and the best flute brands you can trust because they all make amazing instruments with awesome sound and quality. Some brands are known for making only flutes but some brands have various musical instruments in their catalog. And when you decide to get a new flute, search for one from one of these brands.

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