Playing the clarinet requires finding the perfect mouthpiece to produce a rich, resonant tone while maintaining control and flexibility.

It’s an essential instrument component, acting as the interface between the player’s embouchure and the clarinet.

With a vast array of options available, choosing the right mouthpiece can be a daunting task, especially for beginner players.

What’s The Best Clarinet Mouthpiece?

Here are some of the best mouthpieces for clarinets I recommend to use for your instrument.

1. Vandoren CM4158


  • Type: Bb
  • Facing Length: Medium long
  • Tip Opening: 1.02mm
vandoren clarinet mouthpiece

Vandoren CM4158 is a versatile mouthpiece that excels in the upper register while maintaining a pure, resonant tone. It features a 1.02mm tip opening for precision and a medium-long facing to balance resistance and response. It fits well with Vandoren reeds of clarinet. This mouthpiece is a popular choice for soloists and ensemble musicians.

2. Yamaha CC4C


  • Type: Bb
  • Facing Length: 19mm
  • Tip Opening: 1.05mm
yamaha cc4c mouthpiece

Yamaha 4C is one of the best clarinet mouthpieces I have ever used. It’s a versatile one suitable for B-flat and A clarinets. It has a 19mm facing length, providing a comfortable resistance and a responsive feel. The 1.05mm tip opening allows for a well-centered sound for low and high registers. Also, it lasts long if you maintain and clean this clarinet mouthpiece regularly.

3. Jupiter BCK1


  • Type: Bb bass
  • Cap: Plastic
  • Ligature: Nickel-plated
jupiter bck1

Another great clarinet mouthpiece is Jupiter BCK1. Crafted from high-quality plastic, it produces a rich and resonant tone. I like how this mouthpiece emphasizes ease of playability and responsiveness. It allows me for seamless articulation and dynamic control. With its nickel-plated clarinet ligature and plastic cap, it provides added protection and convenience.

4. D’Addario Rico


  • Type: Bb
  • Facing Length: 19mm
  • Tip Opening: 1.27mm
daddario rico clarinet mouthpiece

Designed by renowned mouthpiece maker Arnold Brilhart, the D’Addario Rico B5 mouthpiece offers brilliant projection and tonal versatility. Made from strong polycarbonate material that won’t break. It has a medium B chamber, 0.050″ tip opening, and 19mm facing length designed specifically for the Bb clarinet.


The best clarinet mouthpiece can transform your playing experience. All mouthpieces listed here are amazing and you can get any of these and feel the quality.

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