You’re just starting and want to choose a good beginner alto saxophone. So, you need to know what to look for.

There are many alto saxes for beginners but not all of them offer the same quality.

So, this article will help you to choose between different saxes I think are great for beginners.

What’s The Best Beginner Alto Saxophone?

In this list, you will find some of the best alto saxophones for beginners that offer very high quality at a low price.

1. Eastrock Eb Alto


  • Key: Eb
  • Material: Brass, copper
  • Finish: Purple, gold
eastrock purple alto sax

Eastrock Eb alto is a great musical instrument that shines in quality and looks. It’s made from premium copper and features a gorgeous lacquered purple coating. It’s long-lasting and resistant to fading. I also like hand-carved designs and top-notch shell buttons that add an extra touch of elegance.

But the reason why this alto saxophone is best is the sound quality. As I know, before it leaves the factory, each instrument is adjusted to ensure a high-quality sound and precise button response. Also, the use of high-quality leather and copper needle springs makes it easy to play.

2. Slade Eb


  • Key: Eb
  • Material: Brass, metal
  • Finish: Black, silver
slade eb alto

Another best beginner alto saxophone is Slade Eb which offers awesome quality. It sounds great and looks amazing. Additionally, the inclusion of an F# key and a bass U-tube enhances bass stability. Besides the sound quality, this sax offers a wide selection of accessories.

It comes with a carrying case for easy transportation along with various cleaning tools. The package includes shoulder straps, cleaning cloths, a microfiber body swab, a cleaning brush, and more. So, you get everything to clean and protect your favorite musical instrument.

3. Btuty Eb


  • Key: Eb
  • Material: Brass, nickel
  • Finish: Black
btuty black alto saxophone with accessories

Btuty beginner alto saxophone brings together top-notch materials and well-thought-out design elements. Crafted from high-quality brass and featuring a sleek black nickel plating surface, has a modern look. Its water-resistant leather pads and bluing steel needles ensure that it will last for years.

To add a touch of class, this alto features comfortable abalone shell key inlays. I like how comfortable it is to play. And to make sure you have everything you need, this saxophone comes with a comprehensive set of accessories. You get a case, mouthpiece, straps, cleaning cloth, brush, grease, and gloves.

4. Juuxaan Eb


  • Key: Eb
  • Material: Brass, copper
  • Finish: Black, gold
juuxaan alto sax with case

Juuxaan is cheap but one of the best alto saxophones for beginners in my opinion. I haven’t played a better alto in this price range. Features H68 brass tube body, this saxophone offers a higher density and resonance for a pure and vibrant sound. In my opinion, it’s a great alto sax for intermediate players.

Every aspect of this saxophone has been carefully considered to ensure top-notch quality. The use of memory springs, Italian leather pads, and copper tubing ensures durability. And like many beginner alto saxes this one comes with accessories. You will get things like a neck strap, cloth, reeds, case, bag, and so on.


So, here are my recommendations for beginners who want to buy a good alto sax as their first instrument. They all offer great quality, come with accessories, and are very affordable.

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