A brand is a very important part when choosing an instrument whether it’s a saxophone or other types of instrument.

There is a quality behind all brands, especially if it’s an old and respected one. Of course, other features are also important but brand name is a big part.

Many players, especially beginners, might not know which one is a good saxophone brand and that’s why I’m creating this article – to help you choose your instrument made by a respected brand.

What’s The Best Saxophone Brand?

In this list, you will learn about some of the best saxophone brands there are and you can feel free to buy any instrument from them without a doubt.

1. Selmer

henri selmer logo

Selmer is one of the oldest instrument brands that make high-quality and professional woodwind and brass instruments. It was founded by Henri Selmer in 1885 in Paris and he started with reeds and mouthpieces. Years went by and it developed into a bigger company and today Selmer is a popular and well-respected saxophone brand.

This brand makes all types of saxophones such as alto, tenor, bass, soprano, and other types of saxophones. Also, they make very high-quality clarinets and accessories like saxophone necks, mouthpiece caps, ligatures, and various clarinet accessories. On their website, you can buy new and second-hand instruments and accessories.

Famous artists who use Selmer instruments are Gilad Atzmon, Enzo Filippetti, Arnold Pol, Gail Levinsky, and many others.

2. P. Mauriat

p mauriat logo

P. Mauriat is a relatively new company and one of the best saxophone brands today. It was founded by Alex Hsieh in 1991 in Taiwan and since then has become one of the well-respected brands among saxophone players.

Their instruments are made in Taiwan and are very high-quality because they are specialized in making handcrafted saxophones from high-quality materials. P. Mauriat offers all types of sax and a wide range of other woodwind and brass instruments. In my experience, they have great sax models for jazz.

Some of the famous artists that use P. Mauriat saxophones are Adam Klemm, Ada Rovatti, Aldo Salvent, Angelo Torres.

3. Yamaha

yamaha logo

Of course, Yamaha doesn’t need an introduction because it’s known for making a wide range of awesome musical instruments but you might not know that they also make awesome saxophones. It’s a Japanese company founded by Torakusu Yamaha in 1887 and has a long history.

Yamaha makes musical instruments such as guitars, drums, bass guitars, pianos, and amazing brass and woodwind instruments, including saxophones. Their saxophones range from affordable to more professional, expensive instruments and all of them have great quality.

Artists that use Yamaha saxophones are Mindi Abair, Brent Bristow, Craig Bailey, and John Bleuel among others.

4. Jupiter

jupiter logo

Jupiter is one of the best saxophone brands based in Taiwan and it’s a part of KHS Musical Instruments Co. LTD. All Jupiter instruments are high quality and use professional musicians from around the world.

They have a big collection of woodwind, brass, and marching instruments and accessories. Perhaps one of the biggest manufacturers of saxophones, clarinets, flutes, trombones, and other similar instruments. They make expensive and cheap saxophones and various accessories.

Jupiter artists include Jimmy Bowland, Dale Fielder, Kevin Gatkze, Doug Gately, and many university professors and orchestra players.

5. Yanagisawa

yanagisawa logo

Yanagisawa is a special brand because they only make saxophones and accessories which are all high quality. It was founded in Japan in 1894 by Tokutaro Yanagisawa. They are one of the top saxophone manufacturers in Japan along with Yamaha.

Their first instrument was developed in 1954 and it was the tenor saxophone. Now they offer various types – tenor, baritone, alto, soprano – and accessories such as mouthpieces and ligatures. Yanagisawa saxes are for professionals, they are more expensive and not intended as beginner saxophones in general.

Some of the sax players who use Yanagisawa saxophones are Albert Beger, Ed Wynne, Jason Curry, Isabella Fabbri, Susanne Alt, and more.


In my opinion, these are the best saxophone brands in the world, at least the ones I have owned or played. All their products are high quality, whether it’s a sax, other musical instrument, or accessory. So, when you decide to buy a new sax or a second one, always try one from these brands and you will be amazed at how great brands they are.

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