When you become a more experienced player you realize how important mouthpiece is for saxophone.

Accessories play a critical role in the sound quality and saxophone mouthpiece is one of them. So, not only should you have a good quality saxophone but accessories too.

In this list, I will recommend mouthpieces that have good quality and a good price tag.

What’s The Best Saxophone Mouthpiece?

The best saxophone mouthpiece is one that has the quality, sounds great, and lasts longer than others. So, here are my recommendations.

1. Vandoren AL3


  • Type: Alto
  • Tip Opening: 152
vandoren al3

Vandoren AL3 alto sax mouthpiece is one of my favorites because it sounds amazing. In general, I love products from Vandoren and I use their saxophone reeds too. This model has a medium long facing which is very comfortable for me and its tip opening is 152. All in all, it’s an easy-to-use mouthpiece with a classic tone.

2. Yamaha 4C


  • Type: Tenor
  • Material: Plastic
yamaha 4c mouthpiece

Yamaha 4C tenor saxophone mouthpiece gives quality and comfort to intermediate players. It produces a warm, classical tone and has a very balanced range. But what I like the most is its intonation quality, playability, and versatility. Also, it’s quite an affordable accessory which is always good.

3. Libretto 5C


  • Type: Tenor
  • Material: Plastic
libretto sax mouthpiece

Libretto 5C is one of the best saxophone mouthpieces for me and other players I know. It’s perfect for beginners or students. Comes with a protective cap, and gold lacquered ligature – all made from selected quality materials. The 5C produces a great sound and fits most standard tenor saxophones from popular brands. This is a highly recommended mouthpiece for saxophone.

4. Jiayouy


  • Type: Soprano
  • Material: Plastic
jiayouy sax mouthpiece

Jiayouy may not be a known brand. But this soprano mouthpiece for sax gives you everything you need in one affordable package. It includes a mouthpiece, metal ligature with adjustable screws, a plastic mouthpiece cap, and a reed. The ligature allows you to attach the reed for an improved, more even sound. Also, it’s a very cheap mouthpiece and anyone can afford it.


I don’t know if you have tried any of these saxophone mouthpieces but I can assure you that all of them are amazing. Pick one of them for your sax and upgrade your sound and playability.

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