Saxophone neck straps are necessary accessories for every player. But choosing the best one might be a challenging task.

You need to have a good quality neck strap for a saxophone to play comfortably standing. It’s a mandatory accessory like a saxophone case.

So, I will help you to choose the best quality sax neck strap.

What’s The Best Saxophone Neck Strap?

If you want to know what neck strap is the best for your saxophone, here is my list. You can find straps for different types of saxophones.

1. Rico Padded


  • Type: Tenor/Baritone
  • Foam: Yes
  • Snap Hook: Yes
rico saxophone strap

Rico padded strap is one of my favorites and I own three of them. It’s very comfortable because it uses soft memory foam. Also, with its curved metal hook, it easily attaches to your saxophone. For more flexibility, it comes with a plastic snap hook. I think every saxophone player should have at least one Rico neck strap.

2. Adorence Neck Strap


  • Type: Alto/Tenor/Baritone
  • Neck Pad: Yes
  • Hook: Yes
white alto sax neck strap

Another cool neck strap is from Adorence. Although you can use it with different sax types, I think it’s the best alto saxophone neck strap. First of all, a Velcro attachment makes cleaning easy and you can wash it without worrying about metal parts. But more importantly. it’s designed for a comfortable fit and evenly distributes the weight of your saxophone. you can play for hours and don’t feel fatigued.

3. Neotech Soft


  • Type: Universal
  • Comfortable: Yes
  • Hook: Yes
neotech sax neck strap

Neotech soft strap is a very affordable one and great for beginners too. This is a very easy-to-use neck strap and playing is very comfortable. I have used it many times on stage and had no issues. Also, it uses high-quality materials which makes it a long-lasting accessory. And a great thing is that it can work with all kinds of saxophones from soprano to baritone.

4. Focusound


  • Type: Tenor
  • Pads: Yes
  • Swivel Hook: Yes
black saxophone strap

Even though it’s very affordable, Focusound is one of the best saxophone neck straps I have ever used. It’s created for your comfort and the safety of your saxophone. You can easily put on or take off this strap without any fear of damaging your saxophone. It’s made with top-notch materials like nylon, leather, and strong plastic swivel hooks. I fell in love with this strap as soon as I used it. I hope you will like it too.

5. Xinlink Pro


  • Type: Universal
  • Padded: Yes
  • Snap Hook: Yes
sax neck strap

I accidentally came across this Xinlink saxophone strap when I was buying reeds for the saxophone. It was cheap and I bought it and I mean when I say it – this is an amazing universal strap. It’s fully adjustable and works with alto, tenor, soprano, or baritone saxophones. And thanks to its padded design, your neck will never hurt.


Those are my favorite saxophone neck straps and I can recommend them to anyone. I tried to make this list more diverse and listed straps for various sax types. All of them are very affordable and you can get them online or in local music stores.

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