Generally, a flute costs between $300 and $10000 depending on various things such as material, brand, type, etc.

And before buying one for you, understanding flue prices is a good idea and this article is exactly for that.

But before I dove in, here is the table of how much flutes cost depending on the type.

Average Cost Of Flutes

Below you will find information about how much a flute costs and some reasons why they have those prices. Also, I will divide beginner, intermediate, and pro flutes.

Piccolo Flute Price

piccolo flute prices

Piccolo flutes produce unique high-pitched sounds. They are great for orchestras and marching bands and come with different price tags.

Basic student piccolo is generally priced between $300 and $800. It’s durable and an ideal beginner flute. But if you look more, you might find it even cheaper.

Intermediate piccolo flutes can be found in the range of $800 to $2500. On this level, you get more quality, and better sound, and is perfect for intermediate players.

Professional piccolo flutes are the most expensive and cost between $2500 and $5000. Sometimes there are more expensive ones but they are worth every cent. But you should buy it only if you play professionally.

Soprano Flute Price

soprano flute prices

A soprano flute has bright and vibrant tones and is a great choice for players who like that sound.

If you’re just getting started, student soprano flutes are a good entry point. Prices typically range from $400 to $1200 for student flutes and you can find a good one within this range.

Intermediate soprano flutes can be purchased for prices ranging from $1200 to $3000. It’s a good option if you want to get better sound and overall quality.

For pro flute players a professional soprano flute is the best choice. Prices for these flutes start from $3000 and can go up to $6000 or more. Professional models are crafted with precision, delivering exceptional sound quality and performance capabilities.

Concert Flute Price

concert flute prices

You can easily find concert flutes at various prices and for all types of players. of course, the more you pay the more quality you get.

If you’re just starting out, student concert flutes are a great option. Prices typically range from $500 to $1500. These flutes are made for beginners, and despite the price, they are great for learning.

For those looking to step up their playing, intermediate concert flutes are available in the range of $1500 to $4000. This is a general observation and you can find cheaper or more expensive. But the main reason why you should get it is the quality.

If you’re a pro flute player or want the best flute, consider investing in a professional concert flute. Prices for these flutes start from $4000 and can go up to $10000. These flutes are commonly used in orchestras and professional settings.

Alto Flute Price

alto flute prices

Alto flutes have a mellow sound and are great for orchestras and chamber ensembles. You can find cheap and good but also very expensive ones on the market.

Entry-level alto flutes designed for students usually come with a price tag between $800 to $2000. They are great for learning purposes and it’s recommended for beginners.

If you want more quality, then intermediate alto flute is a good choice. The price range for those spans from $2000 to $5000. These instruments often have improved craftsmanship, enhanced materials, and nuanced tonal characteristics.

When it comes to professional alto flutes, the price starts from $5000 and extends to $10000 or more. But, you get all the features and quality you need.

Bass Flute Price

bass flute prices

Bass flutes are famous for low and rich sounds and have a unique role among woodwind instruments. Their prices can differ depending on things like brand, craftsmanship, and materials.

Student bass flutes are great for beginners and typically range from $1500 to $3000. Yes, they are more expensive than for example, piccolo flutes but they use more material.

If you want more quality, you should get an intermediate bass flute. In general, they cost between $3000 and $7000 and are perfect for more advanced players. This type of flute can last for decades, especially if it’s from a reputable brand.

The cost of professional bass flutes tends to range from $7000 to $15000 or more. These instruments are meticulously designed with precision and offer amazing sound.


So, here is my answer to how much does a flute cost question. There are flutes that cost less and more than the price range I am talking about. But you can consider these flute prices when you decide to buy one.

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