An important thing in playing sax is to properly hold your saxophone for comfort, stability, and better performance.

This guide is for sitting position and I will explain how to hold a saxophone in as simple form as I can.

1. Sitting Posture

man playing sax while sitting

Properly holding a saxophone begins with your sitting position and it’s very important. It will help you to play your sax comfortably.

I recommend using a good and comfortable chair with back support and don’t use a couch or office chairs.

Sit straight with your back against the chair, relax your shoulders, and keep your feet flat on the floor. Don’t slouch or lean forward.

Correct posture is good for airflow and will prevent strain on your neck and back during performances.

2. Adjust Neck Strap

sax neck strap

Sax neck straps play a crucial role in supporting the weight of your sax and allow you to maintain a comfortable playing position.

Adjust the strap to the correct length so that the saxophone hangs at a comfortable height, with the mouthpiece positioned at mouth level.

Avoid letting the saxophone hang too low, as this can strain your neck and shoulders. Likewise, don’t position it too high, as it can restrict your ability to reach the keys comfortably.

3. Hand Position

man playing saxophone

Next, you should think of your hand position while holding a saxophone. And it concerns every saxophone type.

Begin by placing your left hand on the top part of the saxophone, fingers resting on the keys. Keep your fingers curved and relaxed and avoid too much pressure on the keys.

Your right hand should be positioned below the saxophone, thumb supporting the weight and fingers prepared to press the keys.

Practice moving your fingers smoothly and quickly to create clear, sharp notes.

4. Saxophone Holding Position

man plays sax in a band

With your sitting posture, neck strap, and hand position in place, now focus on your saxophone holding position.

For that, lift your saxophone to your mouth using your left hand, while your right hand supports the instrument.

Tilt the saxophone slightly downward, aiming the mouthpiece toward your mouth at a comfortable angle.

Make sure to maintain a relaxed grip on the saxophone, allowing it to rest securely in your hands without tensing up.

Try various angles and positions to find the most comfortable position.


Here is my guide and recommendation about how to hold a saxophone to play comfortably. Of course, you are free to make some changes and find the right way to hold a sax.

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