A saxophone case is an accessory that protects your instrument and allows you to carry it anywhere you go.

So, having some kind of case for your sax is mandatory, but it should be good quality.

What’s The Best Saxophone Case?

In this post, I’m listing some of my favorite sax cases that have great quality quality and are very convenient to use.

1. Protec MX304CT


  • Type: Alto
  • Material: Fabric
  • Size: 24×6.5×11
protec sax case

Protec MAX series of saxophone cases are amazing and this particular case is for alto sax. It’s made from high-quality fabric and has a big container to hold accessories such as a sax cleaning kit. It can hold a disassembled saxophone and also has straps like a backpack which make sit very comfortable to use.

2. Crossrock F1020


  • Type: Soprano
  • Material: Fiberglass Hardshell
  • Size: 17.52×9.06×4.33
crossrock f1020 case

Crossrock F1020 is one of the best saxophone cases you can find for a soprano saxophone. Crossrock is a great brand for saxophones because it offers premium quality. This case is made from a fiberglass hardshell and has locks that greatly protect your lovely woodwind instrument. Additionally, it has backpack straps, and a handle for easy transportation and the interior is made with smooth material.

3. Gator GBB


  • Type: Tenor
  • Material: Softshell
  • Size: 33.46×14.2×8.27
gator sax case

If you want to protect your finest saxophone then you can buy the Gator GBB case. They offer cases for different types but this one is for tenor. It’s a very lightweight sax case but very durable, has an extra container for accessories, and a very smooth interior to protect your instrument from damage. Like many other high-quality sax cases, it comes with straps and handles for convenience.

4. Crossrock F1000


  • Type: Baritone
  • Material: Fiberglass Hardshell
  • Size: 45.67×11.02×16.54
crossrock f1000

Another Crossrock case for saxophone and this time it’s for baritone. F1000 is one of the best saxophone cases I’ve ever used and even though it’s an expensive one, it’s worth every cent you pay. The material is fiberglass hardshell, comes with straps and strong locks, and the interior material is soft. And what I like the most is that it has rolling wheels which makes it a great saxophone case for traveling musicians.


So, these are my choice of great saxophone cases for different sax types. They offer great quality, and convenient features and will protect your instrument from inside and outside.

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