Tips for developing your sound (Saxophone)

This is a small collection of saxophone tips, tricks and small exercises that all revolve around the development of sound. In my article about the Long tones, I have written about the most important sound exercises and how to make them “right”. Here are some ideas, for further sound exercises. […]

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Playing long tones

Saxophone long tones: tips for better sound

Again and again, I find that many saxophonists underestimate or even misunderstand the Long tone exercises. In my opinion, they are the best exercise for developing a good sound and intonation. I have the feeling that many see the Long tone exercises as an unpleasant “must”, as a kind of […]

5 best saxophone books for beginners

We present you 5 best books that will help new players on starting their saxophone journey. Do you want to learn how to play saxophone? Any of this books is a great place to start! Essential Elements 2000 Eb Alto Saxophone, Book 1 Paperback – June 1, 1999 by Hal Leonard […]

Saxophone books

Best soprano saxophones 2017

There have been many musical instruments with different playing techniques and the best sound qualities. All these have different sounds to be played and various new features embodied in them. Saxophones have been some of the most famous among these. Many professionals tend to find for the best soprano sax […]

Types of saxophone – buying guide

One of the purest forms of music can be delivered to you via a saxophone. It is the core instrument used in many music genres, especially jazz. It brings together the entire essence of the tune/song/music. Though buying a saxophone can be a daunting task, you will be able to […]

Best alto saxophones 2017 | Reviews & Guides

Choosing the right horn can be difficult especially for beginner musicians, that’s why we decided to we compile a list of best alto saxophones in 2017 and their reviews, divided into 3 sections: Beginner, Intermediate and Professional. Alto saxophones for student/beginner players In the first section, we are reviewing cheaper alto […]